Fritz Kalkbrenner

Suol | Berlin

  • 04.06.2016 / Stars Of Sound / / CH
  • 29.07.2016 / Helene Beach Festival / / DE
  • 30.07.2016 / Juicy Beats Festival / / DE
  • 03.09.2016 / Nuke Festival / / AT

the drinks around here give such a kick! ‪#‎leichteinensitzen‬

I had an one-hour-talk with Lorenzo Delano in New York last november.

Now the tour is over. And our little picture to it, is finished too. Enjoy.

A happy new year to all you guys! Let’s make it right this time! This was my last show for long time. Buon anno Milano!

well…it’s the same as it ever was. ciao milano!

da daa dadadaa

night moves



with the homie

New York City

To everyone who went to one of my shows, bought my record or supported me in some other way during the past year: thanks a million!