Fritz Kalkbrenner

Suol | Berlin

  • 30.04.2014 / Le Double Mixte / Lyon / FR
  • 01.05.2014 / Magazine Club / Lille / FR
  • 02.05.2014 / Le Mistral Club / Aix En Provence / FR
  • 07.05.2014 / Marvellous Island Festival / Paris / FR
  • 10.05.2014 / Le Mirage Club / Arezzo / IT

Dank u wel Paaspop!

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And he’s talking with Davy….

And he’s talking with Davy, who’s still in the Navy
and probably will be for life

Kai Brenner

That tailor fixes my denims since ages and mistakes my name every time.
Say hello to Kai Brenner.

prepared for work . and now… studio time.

hang out

Thursday at the office.

CHOPSTICK & JOHNJON up to no good!

It’s springtime again!

It’s springtime again!
We clear the stock & cut the prices!
Ten bucks an Item!

recording rhodes

that one is for free! have a nice week!

an apple a day… :)


just another team at the 303 cup. must be around ’07 or ’08.
can you name the whole team?