Fritz Kalkbrenner

Suol | Berlin

  • 10.05.2016 / Ballroom / Rome / IT
  • 13.05.2016 / Balelec Festival / / CH
  • 18.05.2016 / R2 / / FR
  • 20.05.2016 / Amager Bio / / DK
  • 27.05.2016 / Boom Boom Room / / UA

Brussel stands strong. Thanks to all you guys, who turned the place upside down last night.

Good vibes in Dublin yesterday. Thanks to all you guys.

Maastricht was hot! Dank u wel!

Last night in Paris was mad funky. Kudos to all you guys for shaking it like some lunatics.


a day in the park

me and my stage-desk-plant at fridge festival. don’t ask.

back on track and to live hotel rooms again.

I’m back after a four month time-out. I’ve been busy meanwhile, but from now on I’m on the road again. Catch me where you can!

a good friday


session done for today